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Available AOScan Purchases/Plans

$125 Inner-Voice Package

3 scans/week for one month

Member sends an 10 second audio file 3 times weekly for a month, and an "Inner-Voice scan will be done each time and the report, audio files and pulse audio files will be emailed for member to listen to.

SEFI DotsDescription.jpg

SEFIdot single/package

$10/dot or $40 for 5 Imprinted Dots of choosing

Member can buy one specific to them SEFIdot, or buy a package of 5 different SEFIdots to be programmed specifically for them of their choosing.

AOSCAN tablet mobile and headset on shelf.jpg

AOScan Scan: $50/scan or with Consultation $125

Member may choose a specific scan to be ran and report emailed to them.  Also, member could add a consultation regarding chosen scan with our Doctor of Naturopathy.

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